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Ricardo Ruiz

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Renewable Energy 20 icons

Solar, Wind and Sea energy generation and its applications.

Valentine's Day 44 icons

Many hearts and lot's of love and romance in this collection.

Spring and Outdoors 40 icons

Lovely collection of outdoor life in Spring.

House Furniture and Decoration 38 icons

Collection of minimal furnishing and decorative household objects.

Car 30 icons

Things related to automobiles.

Galaxy Mobile Apps 80 icons

Inspired by Galaxy S8 Icons, this state of the art, conceptual collection will do wonders to your design project.

Mobile Apps 50 icons

Collections of a perspective illustration of a smartphone and app examples.

SEO, Marketing and Analytics 54 icons

Business strategies in the digital world.

House Elements 12 icons

Parts and elements that make up a house.

Mindset 10 icons

Concept of different mindsets and other fields of the human mind.

Minimal Houses 15 icons

Great for Architecture, or Real Estate related businesses.

Retro Objects 38 icons

Some objects from the past, that become present trends.

Home Appliances 38 icons

A nice set of home electric appliances.

Mixed II 50 icons

Assortment of very neat and perfect icons for your project. Enjoy!

Minimal Home Elements 15 icons

Many aspects related our home are depicted here, in a minimal fashion. Enjoy!

Computer User Interface 18 icons

Electronic devices and its interface with the user

Organization Structure 16 icons

An abstract representation of an organization structure

SEO Elements 68 icons

The Search Engine Optimization Universe, nicely illustrated in this collection. Hope you enjoy!

Love and Hate 34 icons

Illustrations of people in the love state and hate state.

Clean Energy 30 icons

Very nice, conceptual work on renewable, green energy systems. Take good care of them.

Smartphone Usability 76 icons

Icons related to smartphone's usability and functionality.

SEO & Marketing Management 40 icons

For digital marketing, web design and seo specialists.

Science Fiction 14 icons

Lovely collection of Scifi elements and characters.

Agriculture 100 icons

All there is about the farming world. Animals, plants, machinery, barns, fields and of course: the farmer!

Hand Touch and Signs 14 icons

A few examples of what we can do with our hands.

Commerce and Shipment 34 icons

Simple icons related to commerce and shipping.

Monsters and Robots 7 icons

A cute and funny collection of monster and robots.

Renewable Energies 40 icons

Clean, renewable energy generation: wind, solar and wave power.

Team & Management 32 icons

Aspects related to a company department, team or social group.

Mixed I 100 icons

A collection of several different objects and concepts. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Buildings and Monuments 26 icons

Nice collection of a few examples general buildings, as well as a few iconic ones.

Farming 47 icons

Lovely collection of the farming world.

Networking Structure 17 icons

Abstract representation of a networking structure.

Keys 20 icons

House keys, room, keys and car keys.

House 89 icons

Many elements and aspects related to a house.

Fingerprint Identification 9 icons

Concept of a fingerprint for UI. Enjoy!

Withdrawal and Fee Payment 30 icons

Illustrations of fees payment. withdrawals and money.

Share & Care 36 icons

A set of icons that illustrate many aspects of caring, sharing, giving and receiving. Enjoy!

Mobile App Symbols 87 icons

A collection of symbols that can be used in apps for mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

Simple Mix 100 icons

A mix of lots of stuff, perfect for website navigation, to use as tiny illustrations.

Car and Auto Services 40 icons

An approach to the representation of the car and its several parts and services related to it. Hope it comes in handy to you!

Animals 62 icons

Farm, domestic and wild animals.

Space Exploration 40 icons

Planets, spacecrafts, aliens and more!

Care and Support 20 icons

Collection of icons that illustrate care, support or even management. Enjoy!

Support and Management 34 icons

Illustration of many types of support, care and/or management.

Farm 30 icons

Minimal depictions of a farm world.

SEO 171 icons

Many aspects related to search engine optimization strategies.

Online User 28 icons

Icons related to online users and accounts.

HVAC 28 icons

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment symbols for your project.

Consumer Electronics 36 icons

Electronics gadgets, from cameras to drones, to portable LEDs. Have fun!

Social Media Campaign 30 icons

Illustrations of social media campaign launching and social networks.

Mobile Usability 20 icons

Things that can be done with a smartphone.

Jobs and Careers 36 icons

A set of jobs and careers.

Transportation 28 icons

Most common vehicles of transportation.

Skyscraper 20 icons

Simple bunch of city towers.

Society 20 icons

Many sides of our behaviour in society. The good, the bad and the... shades in between.